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Awards and Rewards

In Café de Altura we strive every day to provide a unique experience with our coffees, with the valuable support of our producers and an excellent team that works grateful for the preference and loyalty of our customers.

As a sample of our effort and constant dedication over fourteen years we have received multiple awards and awards for quality in different events and competitions at national and international level:

  • Finalist Golden Harvest Auction 2005.

  • Finalist Auction Q 2006.

  • Finalist Sintercafé 2006.

  • Finalist 2006 Gold Harvest Auction.

  • Finalist National Coffee Competition 2007.

  • 2007 Roaster Guild Cupping Pavilion Competition finalist.

  • Costa Rica Cup of Excellence Auction Finalist 2007.

  • Finalist Sintercafé 2007.

  • 2008 Cup of Excellence Finalist.

  • First Sintercafe 2008, best coffee exported.

  • Cup of Excellence Finalist 2009.

  • First Sintercafé 2009, best coffee exported.

  • 3 finalist batches in Taza Costa Rica 2010.

  • First Place Cup Costa Rica 2010.

  • Third Sintercafé 2010, best coffee exported.

  • Finalist Cup of Excellence 2011.

  • First Sintercafé 2011, the best of our early maturation.

  • 3 finalist lots Cup of Excellence 2012.

  • Association 2012.• Best Costa Rican coffee sold on the west coast of E.E.U.U. by the Pacific Coast Coffee

  • Finalist Cup of Excellence 2013.

  • 2014.• Finalist and second best-selling coffee in Cup of Excellence

  • With a coffee our Supreme Kaffee in Germany won the Best Espresso Contest.

  • Finalist, winner of fourth and fifth place in Cup of Excellence 2015 of Excellence.

  • Finalist, third place winner and president award, second best-selling coffee in 2016 Cup

  • Finalist, winner of fourth place in Cup of Excellence 2017.

  • Finalist, winner of the fourth and eighth place and President Award in Cup of Excellence 2018.

Noveno Lugar

Excellence Cup 2018

Cuarto Lugar

President s Awards 2018

Diploma Finca el diamante
Taza excelencia 2017
diploma 2017
taza excelencia 2017
Premio por desarrollar tecnicas productivas amigables con el ambiente.
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