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About Us

Café de Altura de San Ramón Especial S. A. a company dedicated to the process, marketing, export and roasting coffee.
Our Company

The Company was founded in 2004 by coffee farmers from San Ramón and surrounding areas, with the main purpose to process and market their coffee at the lowest possible cost, obtain the best possible price, generating wellness for the producer and the community, as well as a good return for shareholders.


This company processes coffee from 3800 producers throughout four coffee growing regions of the country. Its capital is 100% Costa Rican and is in the hands of 590 micro, small and medium coffee producers. Equally, it has integrated under its operation different stages of added value that represent the production and industrialization of coffee, be it wet and dry beneficiation, export and roast.


This company from its origins is committed to quality and customer satisfaction, which goes from the farm, to the delivery of the final product to its customers. Due to the above, it only receives, processes and sells excellent coffee, from high areas that are above 1,000 meters above sea level, with strict quality standards in one of the largest coffee processing plants and modern of the country.


All this, together with his multiple efforts, has allowed him to position himself in the market of specialty coffees and achieve an important reputation in it, which is reflected in the large number of awards and recognitions that he has obtained from his birth to date , in various events and competitions at national and international level, such as National Coffee Competition, Pacific Coast Coffee Association, Roaster Guild Cupping Pavilion Competition, Gold Harvest Auction, Q Auction, Sintercafé, Costa Rica Cup and Cup of Excellence Costa Rica Edition.

The organization, has several certifications of management and Good Agricultural Practices, among them are: C.A.F.E Practice, Rain Forest Alliance and Utz Certified. Its commitment to the protection of the environment and sustainable production is serious, and a reflection of this are also several recognitions obtained in the national and
international level.

Our Mission

We process high quality coffee to supply the most demanding national and international market, with environmental commitment and excellence in quality, backed by a system of continuous improvement in processes and products.

Our Vision

Provide exclusive market niches, high quality coffee, with added value, to make sustainable and profitable coffee production of producers, in harmony with the environment.

Our Purpose

We offer a unique coffee experience with excellence and quality.


We train our producers in topics that are of vital importance for the prevention of diseases and to maximize the productivity of the harvest, bearing in mind our commitment to the environment.

Environment and Sustainability

We encourage good practices in all stages of the harvest, using organic products that are effective and that can be prepared with the raw material that is discarded from their own farms.


To guarantee the quality and good practices of coffee, the company has four certifications that validate to producers, customers, suppliers and consumers the good management of
crops and their environmentally friendly practices in all processes.

The certifications are:

1. C.A.F.E. Practice de Starbucks.
2. Rain Forest Alliance.
3. Utz Certified.
4. Nespresso

General Policy

Every citizen has the right to enjoy a clean, healthy environment and products that meet their needs; therefore, the process of benefiting from coffee, industrialization of products and services developed by Café de Altura of San Ramón Especial S.A.

They will be carried out in a planned manner, within a management system based on standards of environment, quality and sustainable production, taking into account compliance with the applicable legislation, the opinions of the interested parties, as well as the objectives and goals of each period.

Trying to reduce, prevent and mitigate the negative environmental, social and consumption impacts generated by our activities.
We seek to collaborate with the socio-environmental goals of the canton and the country, with a focus on continuous improvement in our performance.

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